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We've got the rural Saskatchewan advertising market covered. We can meet all of your print advertising needs! Contact us for complete details.
Editor/Publisher: Eleanor Dahlman
Administration Office:
219 Poplar Street
P.O. Box 89
Wolseley, SK. Canada  S0G 5H0
Tel: (306) 698-2271
Fax: (306) 698-2808
Cell: (306) 695-7900

Mechanical Requirements

Tabloid - 6 column page
1.583" per column or 9.6 Picas
10.25" total page width
Height - 205 Agate lines or 14.75"

Tabloid Paper Specs

Email us.

Advertising Rates - subject to change without notice.

Full page: $800.00

1/2 page: $400.00

1/4 page: $200.00

1/8 page: $95.00

ADD $90.00 per page for color.

National Line Rate: $.85 per agate (commissionable)

Local Line Rate: $9.00 per col. in.

Classified ads start @ $9.00 (for 20 words or less)

All Classified ads must be prepaid

NOTE: Prices quoted are for pre-paid camera-ready placements per paper and are non-commissionable.
We accept ads in TIFF, PDF and JPEG format

Call today for rates on running ads in more than one paper. (Phone) (306) 698-2271 (Fax) (306) 698-2808.


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