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Rates and Data - Contact Info

We've got the rural Saskatchewan advertising market covered. We can meet all of your print advertising needs! Contact us for complete details.
Publisher: Eleanor Dahlman
Editor: Eleanor Dahlman
Administration Office:
219 Poplar Street
P.O. Box 89
Wolseley, SK. Canada  S0G 5H0
Tel: (306) 698-2271
Fax: (306) 698-2808
Cell: (306) 695-7903

Mechanical Requirements

Tabloid - 6 column page
1.583" per column or 9.6 Picas
10.25" total page width
Height - 205 Agate lines or 14.75"

To view page layout specifications click on the link below. To return to this page, use the BACK PAGE navigation arrow in your web browser.

Email us.

Advertising Rates

Full page: $800.00

1/2 page: $400.00

1/4 page: $200.00

1/8 page: $95.00

ADD $90.00 per page for color.

National Line Rate: $.85 per agate (commissionable)

Local Line Rate: $9.00 per col in.

Classified ads start @ $9.00 (for 20 words or less.) Blanket Classified advertising in ALL UNOS papers $40.00 per col. inch.

All Classified ads must be prepaid. We accept VISA and MC for your convenience.

NOTE: Prices quoted are for pre-paid camera-ready placements per paper and are non-commisionable rates, except where noted.
We accept ads in TIFF, PDF and JPEG format

Call for details. Call today for rates on running ads in multiple papers. (Phone) (306) 698-2271.
(Fax) (306) 698-2808.


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